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Understanding the Ongoing Costs of Your Ford Focus: Tax Costs Explained

Whether you’re thinking about buying a new or used Ford Focus, aside from the initial cost of the car or finance, it’s important to understand other ongoing costs such as road tax.
Road tax is an annual or monthly cost associated with your car and a number of factors can affect the tax you will need to pay each year. The Ford Focus is available in a number of different models and specifications which can affect the road tax rates for each one.


In this guide:

Learn more about the ongoing road tax costs for Ford Focus Titanium models

Find out more about how much it may cost to tax your new or used Ford Focus Zetec

Find out more about the ongoing tax costs of a Ford Focus ST

Ford Focus Titanium tax costs

The Ford Focus Titanium comes with similar costs to the Ford Focus Zetec with similar engine sizes and CO2 emissions.
The standard annual tax rate for the Ford Focus Titanium models is around £150 but, if you’re buying a new car, the cost within the first year will vary so it’s important to check which tax band the car falls into if you’re worried about the cost of road tax.
The list price of your car can have an impact on the amount of tax you’ll pay for your car in the first year. On an annual basis, the tax cost will remain at the same rate.
If your new car was registered between 1st April 2017 and 1st April 2020, the rate of tax you’ll pay is dependent on the g/km of CO2 emissions so, cars with higher emissions will have higher tax rates.
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Ford Focus Zetec tax costs

The Ford Focus Zetec is available with a variety of different specifications, depending on the age of the car you choose.
With so many different variations of the Zetec available, the road tax costs can differ. In comparison to the other Ford Focus models on the market, the Zetec has some of the lowest yearly tax costs so, if you’re looking for a low-cost car, the Zetec will be the perfect option for you.
The tax costs for the Zetec range between £20 to £150 per year. These costs can depend on whether the car is used or new, the fuel type and the size of the engine so these are important factors to consider when choosing your new car.
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Ford Focus ST tax costs

Older Ford Focus ST models have the highest road tax costs of all the Ford Focus models so this is important to bear in mind if you’re looking to buy a Ford Focus ST. However, newer Ford Focus ST models carry similar costs to the other Ford Focus models.
The Ford Focus ST falls between tax bands G-J which means you can expect to pay between £150 to £240 a year in tax.
If the Ford Focus ST model is slightly too expensive for your budget, the Focus ST-Line offers a similar but more affordable option with lower tax costs for the first year so it’s worth looking into both cars and comparing your options before making a decision.
For more information on the tax costs for a Ford Focus ST or Ford Focus ST-Line, read our guide.
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