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Pick-Up of the Year 2022: Ford Ranger

18 July 2022

Pick-Up of the Year 2022: Ford Ranger .

Why choose the Ford Ranger?

The undisputed Ford Ranger has claimed the AutoExpress Pick-Up of the Year for 2022, for the 4th straight time.
In an article on their website, AutoExpress explained that “The reasons for its victory are the same once again, with the sheer breadth of variety in the line-up meaning that there’s something for everybody. Whether you need a basic single-cab XL model with an extra-long load bed, a high-spec Wildtrak that can double as work and family transport, or a model that can drive as quickly off road as it does on it in the shape of the Raptor in our pictures, then there’s a Ranger for you.”
This wide range of options has paid great attention to the change in the habits of many buyers that we’ve noticed recently. And not just those who require a van for their work. As the desirability of pick-up trucks and vans grows through a revamp of appearance, the introduction of new technology and the need for more space within your vehicle, many are now choosing to run just one multi-purpose commercial vehicle over two vehicles. With this, they are both reaping the financial and practical benefits, as well as having the increase in comfort and space for their evening and weekend trips.

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Ford Ranger Wildtrak Specification

Take the most popular model in the current range, the Ford Ranger Wildtrak. Powerful and confident in its design, the Wildtrak boasts an incredible payload for large jobs whilst enhanced aerodynamics save you fuel on every journey. Topped with a premium interior, it’s not hard to see why this has become a class-leading weekend vehicle for personal trips as well as a weekday warrior for your day-to-day job.

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Ford Ranger Stormtrak Specs

Or for those looking for more adventure, the new Ford Ranger Stormtrak offers distinctive styling and premium features alongside outstanding capabilities to support your adventurous lifestyle. Based on the high-series Ranger Wildtrak pick-up, the limited-edition Ranger Stormtrak adds exclusive Rapid Red paint, load divider and new power-operated shutter to deliver extra convenience. In addition the Ranger Stormtrak retains the base vehicle’s 1.0-tonne payload and 3,500 kg maximum towing weight, as well as featuring the range-topping Bi-turbo 213 PS 2.0-litre EcoBlue diesel engine and responsive 10-speed automatic gearbox.

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Ford Ranger Wolftrak Specs

Perhaps you’re more of an off-roader, we all know about the performance of the Ranger Raptor. But what about the limited edition new Ford Ranger Wolftrak? Offering an intrepid, rugged, limited edition pick-up designed around the needs of customers who work outdoors and desire a more commanding off-road performance without compromising comfort or style.

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And all of this only scratches the surface of the Ford Ranger range, with a new model arriving imminently. So what’s stopping you from upgrading to the Pick-Up of the Year for 2022?

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