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Five Reasons why you NEED a New Ford Fiesta ST

14 June 2018

Five Reasons why you NEED a New Ford Fiesta ST

Still need some convincing that you need the new Ford Fiesta ST? We’ve got some pretty tempting reasons to get one which may push you over the edge.

It’s super fun! The new Fiesta ST has a 0-62mph time of just 6.5 seconds, calling for Drive Tribe to describe it as “the most fun car of 2018”

It’s very affordable. Prices for the Fiesta ST start from just £18,995, with the ST-2 starting from £19,995 (which has added Recaro sports seats, B&O Play audio system and the option of the ST Performance pack), making it more affordable than any other hothatch on the market. In fact, Evo described that “the Fiesta represents staggering value for money, delivering a performance per pound ratio that rivals can’t match”

It’s comfortable and practical. The thing about the Fiesta ST is that you can use it for day to day use as well as for ragging down race tracks. It is both comfortable to sit in and to drive, and has selectable driving modes – Normal, Sport and Track, so it’s ready for whatever the day has ahead. This also means that your mum / wife / boyfriend / kids etc will happily get in the car to nip down to the shops without any complaint.

It sounds sporty. To counteract that practical side of the Fiesta ST, it’s got some extra tricks up its sleeve to make it more fun than ever. The sports exhaust with active valving means that it makes noises that will plaster a grin onto the face of any petrol head.

It has clever engine tech. Not sure you’re convinced with the new three-cylinder engine? Don’t worry, the Fiesta ST has been cleverly designed to make it just as sporty and engaging as ever, just more refined and comfortable. It has a turbo charged engine with variable valve timing, port and direct injection systems and cylinder deactivation which boost its performance as well as efficiency, meaning that you won’t think twice about that missing cylinder.

The brand new Ford Fiesta ST is available to order from any TC Harrison dealership now, so contact us if you'd like to order one.