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The Ford Mustang BULLITT

29 June 2018

The Ford Mustang BULLITT

The brand new Ford Mustang BULLITT is a homage to iconic heritage cars and legendary movie moments.

When the BULLITT was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in March, its nods to the iconic Mustang from the film Bullitt were instantly clear. The nearly 10 minute car chase from the film is still one of the most iconic in movie history, even 50 years later. In the Warner Bros. film, Steve McQueen takes control at the wheel of a 1968 Mustang GT Fastback as he pursues two hitmen down San Francisco streets.

50 years later, the Mustang BULLITT features many carefully thought out details that pay tribute to the famous Steve McQueen Mustang from its Forest Green colour (it is also available in Shadow Black) to the cue ball gearshift knob. The aesthetic is completed with subtle chrome accents to the grille and front windows, a unique black front grille and minimal badging besides the Bullitt logo faux fuel-filler cap to the rear.

The rest of the BULLITT has been given a modern touch for a sleek and speedy machine that we hope Steve McQueen would have been proud of: Torq Thrust style wheels, smooth and seamless gear changes, red Brembo™ brake callipers and a premium B&O PLAY audio system with 12 high-performance speakers.

In terms of performance, it’s better than ever with a 5.0-litre V8 engine that’s enhanced with an Open Air Induction System and the intake manifold, 87mm throttle bodies and powertrain control module calibration from the Shelby Mustang GT350, resulting in an anticipated 464PS and 529Nm of torque.

The Mustang has always been an icon but never has anything captured the spirit and excitement of the American muscle car quite like the Bullitt car chase. We’re hoping that the new Ford Mustang BULLITT captures the eyes and the hearts of those who see it in the same way that the Steve McQueen Mustang did.

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