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What is FordPass Pro?

Manage your fleet with FordPass Pro

Are you a small business owner looking for an app that allows you to not only manage your fleet but maximise the security and uptime? The FordPass Pro app is built to do precisely that, for up to 5 vehicles.

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The vehicle management app for small businesses

FordPass Pro gives you the added reassuarance that your business vehicles are always safe, secure and easy to keep track of. By activating Guard Mode you will be notified if someone is trying to access your vehicle with a stolen or mimicked key. Whilst a live lock status allows you to check all vehicle doors are locked at a glance and remote zonal locking lets you control the cabin and load doors separately.
Remote control doesn't stop there either as on vehicles with automatic transmission, you have the ability to start your engine from the app, this allows the cabin to warm up before you get behind the wheel. When using this feature all the doors are automatically locked and will require the key to get you moving, for peace of mind when it comes to safety.
Decreasing the downtime of your fleet is key to keeping your business on the road. With up-to-date health information available at a glance you can quickly and easily prevent potential problems such as a slow air leak in a tyre before they become too disruptive. If you do encounter an issue that immobilses you, you can contact Roadside Assistance services to inform them you require help whilst also sharing your precise location, vehicle health status and remotely track the recovery vehicles progress for an ETA.

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Vehicle Health Alerts

As well as providing an 'at a glance' health the status, FordPass Pro will notify you for key issues such as low washer fluid, bulb failure and triggered alarms. This allows you to recitfy the situation with speed, increasing the amount of uptime your fleet has out on the road.

Track Your Fleet

With up to 5 vehicles connected you can view a live location of all of them on one map, allowing you to keep better track of your fleet. Whilst a monthly fuel report helps you keep track of your estimated fuel costs and allows you to better plan expenses for the month ahead for each of your vehicles.

Arrange Services through App

Not only can you check your service schedule, access the owners manual and find a local Ford dealer on the app, but you are able to arrange a service as well. All of which is done to make managing your fleet as seamless as possible, to let you focus on getting on with your work.

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Keeping your business on the move with FleetLiive

Introducing FORDLiive enabling smarter maintenance decisions, faster turnaround and dedicated, data-driven technical support. FORDLiive is an integrated suite of products and services designed to maximise the productive uptime on your connected Ford Commercial Vehicle.

Once registered with FORDLiive through FordPass Pro or Ford Telematics, our customers will have access to the same support information. This means that before your vehicle reaches our workshop, we will be able to identify the required work plus any upcoming work that might be best bundled together. We can then agree with you on the best schedule to keep your business moving.

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