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New Hybrid Ford Mondeo

17 December 2018

New Hybrid Ford Mondeo The brand new 2.0-litre Mondeo Hybrid is Ford's first European Hybrid model and introduces a new, elegant design and advanced technology to the existing Mondeo model.

The newer, refined Mondeo combines technology and design that already exists in Ford, with the efficiency of a Hybrid car. The state of the art self-charging system means that there is no need to plug-in to re-charge and works to deliver C02 of 108g/km and a combined fuel economy of up to 58.9 miles per gallon.

The new model combines a Petrol engine with electric power, each with their own merits and capability to intelligently switch between the two to suit the journey.  For longer journeys, the petrol engine kicks in, but for shorter journeys and lower speeds the electric motor takes over and the car is powered by its light lithium-ion battery with a power consumption of 1.4kWh.

To add to the efficiency of the vehicle, the new Mondeo is equipped with Regenerative Braking which captures up to 90% of the energy normally lost through friction brakes and recycles that energy to recharge the high-voltage battery.

The availability of a Hybrid Mondeo shows Ford's commitment to reducing emissions and to enabling customers to save fuel and money by bringing affordable, capable electric vehicles to the market. The addition of Ford's smart technology means the car is able to learn the best time to switch from petrol to electric power and is also able to use the driver's location to do this. So, when you're close to home or entering a low-emission zone the car will automatically switch to electric power!

Find out more about the new Ford Mondeo Hybrid here, or go ahead and book a test drive today.