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A COVID-19 update from TC Harrison Ford

15 June 2020

A COVID-19 update from TC Harrison Ford

Since we reopened our doors on 1 June 2020, I am pleased to report that we are working with our customers to come to terms with the demands and challenges of new ways of operating. All of our dealerships have control measures in place and our returning Teams have been briefed on protecting our own Health and Safety and that of all of our customers. Our dealerships have one way systems where it is practical to do so and we also have PPE, face coverings/guards, hand sanitisers and surface cleaners available and in regular use at all of premises; information on this can be found by viewing our Social Distancing and Safeguarding Guidelines. It will be important that we maintain our controls and disciplines as we move forward and I would like to thank all of our customers for the understanding, tolerance and patience that we have witnessed as we have sought to serve everyone as efficiently and as quickly as possible, relative to the reduced staff levels we have at all of our dealerships. 

We are now pleased to continue to welcome customers physically to our dealerships although we are still working on the efficiency of our remote systems including Live Chat for vehicle sales enquiries and purchases and our online service booking process/enquiry systems which can be viewed here; we are working as hard as we can to offer a variety of easy methods to interact with our customers in the best and safest ways possible.    

I would like to thank all of our customers and staff for your support and patience at this time and although for your convenience it would be preferable for customers to have an appointment when visiting us, we are now welcoming customers to all areas of our dealerships without appointments.

Stay Alert / Control the Virus / Save Lives  

Kind regards
Neil Baker
Managing Director (Ford Division)
T. C. Harrison Group Ltd